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What Size Heating And Cooling
System Do I Need?

Home energy analysis and air conditioner size per square foot:


I have read about everything a person can read on the internet about insulation and energy efficient construction. What does your energy analysis consist of? What are your recommendations for air conditioner size per square foot foot?

Answer: First of all I don't sell any products so you get my unbiased, expert opinion for what's best for your specific home. I make my living as a energy efficient home designer and energy efficiency advisor. If you ask about foam insulation vs. damp spray cellulose I'll tell you what I think.



Geothermal heat pump vs. conventional, the best energy specs for windows, etc. The most important thing I do is size the heating and cooling system for your specific home. The direction it faces, ceiling heights, windows sizes, exterior doors, foundation type, etc. I typically can save you a minimum of $3000 just by sizing it correctly. One key to doing it correctly is taking into account all the energy efficient construction details.


My list covers: how to insulate slab foundation/crawlspace, wall insulation, caulking, attic insulation, vaulted ceiling insulation, knee wall insulation, recessed lights, windows, duct work placement and insulation, water heater recommendations, energy efficient framing, radiant barrier roof decking, water pipe insulation. You can read on the internet that a certain window spec for U value and SHGC is the best you can buy and the best for your house.

Depending on how many windows face West and South you could easily spend several $1000 more than needed to get a good SHGC when it isn't needed. You can read that cellulose is best in one place and foam is best on another site. It all depends on the situation and where you are building. My guarantee is based on a base kWh. The point of the guarantee is that it doesn't matter if it's 100 degrees or 0 degrees outside.

I've shown you how to build your home so those outside influences have very little effect on the interior. I will eliminate short cycling of your hvac system, which results in better comfort, lower humidity, and lower utility bills. I can promise you it's a great investment to let me run the loads and give you the specs. Out of the 100's I've done I've never had anyone call me unhappy.

However, I've had many people call/email and say they sure wish they had contacted me to help them. Let me know if you have any other questions. I look forward to hearing back from you. Thanks and God bless! Phillip Rye -

What Size Heating And Cooling

Image used with permission from Waterfurnace, Int.



For new home construction, contact me at for a complete home energy analysis, recommendations on whether a ground source heat pump is right for you, a detailed energy specification lists for your specific home, and guaranteed low utility bills. Visit for more information.